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Yoga Pants Should Feel Good

Unless you practice naked yoga, yoga pants are a necessity. Although other types of bottoms will do just fine, many people feel they cannot do without their pants designed specifically for yoga.

Whatever style you choose, yoga pants should feel good.

Choosing Yoga Pants

Yoga pants have become a major accessory in yoga exercises and classes, designed to make people feel comfortable and at ease during a heavy or light routine.

Women are more particular than men when wearing pants to practice. They can be choosy based on fashion and sometimes tend not to like the choice when worn later.

Quality & Fit

When selecting clothes for yoga, consider first the quality and the fit of the yoga pants.

What Type Do You Want?

Of course you'll have to decide what type you want - shorts, cropped, ankle length?

Form fitting or loose cotton?

Loose fitting pants are a nice choice, so long as they don't fall down and get in your way when you are inverted. Yoga pants with the elastic drawstring are also appropriate because you can easily adjust it the way you want it.

Some people feel better in form-fitting pants with an elastic waistband that fits perfectly. Just make sure the fabric breathes and wicks perspiration.

In today's online and offline marketplace, you can choose from a wide variety of yoga apparel. In choosing the perfect yoga pants, you should try on a selection of styles and manufacturers before buying. Make sure that it fits you just right in every way.

Yoga pants are designed in almost every length imagineable. Traditional yoga pants are ankle length. Today, some people find this cumbersome.

You can buy yoga shorts, which are great for Bikram (hot) yoga.

Another great length are Capri pants, which can fall just below your knees or mid-calf. Of course, where they fall also depends on how tall you are. Some women prefer wearing Capri pants because they find this length more comfortable.

Yoga shorts or capri pants are also appropriate when the temperature is warm. They allow some air to pass through, leaving your skin dry and free from perspiration. Perspiration causes irritations and allergies, so it should be prevented.

Fabric Texture

Yoga pants should not give you that scratchy or itchy feel. Texture of the pants should be soft.

Even if you think you could tolerate a slightly rough texture when you try them on, consider a yoga workout where you are stretching, twisting, holding poses. You may perspire and the fabric will be rubbing on your skin. The texture and properties will sometimes leave your skin irritated and scratchy.

If this happens, you will not definitely have peaceful practice. Focus and concentration will be harder to achieve ... and that's what it's all about, not your clothes. Yoga pants are ideal for use in practice and should facilitate your concentration, not distract.

If you really like a style but you're on the fence about the fabric and find yourself saying something like "It's not that bad," ... PASS on that pair. You'll find one that is perfect.

Pairing With Yoga Tops

It's easy to complement your yoga pants with a great top.

They don't have to be a "set." Yoga pants do not require any particular top to go with them. Color and texture do not matter at all. You can combine any color and fabric combinations, so long as both are comfortable. Follow your own fashion preference when choosing the perfect top to match your yoga pants.

In fact, you are more likely to wear the same style of yoga pants year-round, and change the style of the top depending on the season or weather. Perhaps a tiny tank in the summer and a slightly clingy T-shirt in the winter.

Function Of Yoga Pants

Their purpose is more important than simply providing a costume for yoga class. Making a fashion statement is the last priority.

The funtion of yoga pants is to help you stay clean and free from impurities in a shared space, and protecting your skin from scratches or irritation if, for instance, you slip on your mat or slide out of a pose onto the floor.

Proper fit of yoga pants helps keep a good sense of concentration because if you are comfortable wearing it, then you'll forget about your clothes so your mind and body are at rest.

Choose that pants that are easy to wear, adjust and undress. After yoga sessions, you might feel a little drained and you won't want to struggle with your clothes.

Sometimes, you will be hurrying to reach your yoga class on time. If this is your lifestyle, you might choose a style you can comfortably wear in public.

Yoga apparel doesn't need to be expensive, but it can be. Clothes for yoga don't need to be fashionable, but they can be. Your choices depend on your budget, your lifestyle and body.

Above all, your yoga pants should feel good.