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Pranayama - What Is Conscious Yogic Breathing?

A deep breathing exercise to help get calm and focused is practical and useful in our hectic lifestyle. The article Breathing and Relaxing describes a great 5-minute deep, rhythmic breathing exercise that can help you relax and time, any place.

Have you wondered more about what is pranayama, or conscious yogic breathing? This terrific four minute video presents a visual and narrative overview of the basic steps of conscious yogic breathing, and its effects on your mind and body.

The Conscious Breathing video describes how Pranayama is loosely translated as "prana" or "breath control," and that breathing affects our state of mind.

Are we excited or calm? Tense or relaxed? Clear thinking or confused?

Air is the primary life force in the ancient yogic tradition, a psycho-physio-spiritual force that permeates the universe.

Pranayama, or conscious yogic breathing is used in yoga as a separate practice to help clear and cleanse the body and mind, as well as preparation for asana - the practice of yogic postures and meditations. If you plan to practice the postures of Hatha Yoga for exercise or any other reason, you'll definitely want to learn the practice of pranayama, or conscious yogic breathing to get the most benefit from the asanas.

It's easy enough to play this video and follow along to get a taste of the benefits of conscious yogic breathing, a good introduction to the full practice of pranayama. Even one round through these short Conscious Breathing Techniques will help you feel more centered, focused and relaxed:

  • Step 1 - Concentrating on your breath

  • Step 2 - Detaching From Your Thoughts

  • Step 3 - Connecting to your true self

Unfortunately, the QuarkTech Inc. website no longer exists but at least you can appreciate their contribution here with this video.