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Breathing And Relaxing Exercise

If you are feeling jittery or stressed, deep rhythmic breathing can be a great tool for relaxation. Keep reading to discover an easy, effective breathing and relaxing exercise that you can do just about any time, any place.

Pranayama - Yoga Breathing Exercises

Yoga breathing exercises, called Pranayamas, can help re-establish your own natural rhythm, and allow your body's biorhythm to attune more to the cosmic rhythm that exists throughout the universe down to the the atoms and deeper levels we are not yet aware of.

In addition to protecting us from any negative external influences, by falling in with the rhythm of the body, this deep rhythmic breathing exercise also allows the body to absorb a lot more oxygen than just normal deep breathing.

Deep breathing is both calming and energizing. The energy you feel from a few minutes of careful and focused breath is not the hyper kind of energy, but that calm, steady energy filled with enhanced clarity and focus.

Slow, steady, and quiet breathing gives a message to your nervous system:

Be Calm

Many valuable books are available on Pranayama, or yoga breathing exercises designed to fill your body with essential life force (prana). A few are recommended in the right hand column.

5-minute Breath Break Exercise

For now, why don't you try this 5-Minute Breath Break exercise?

It's easy, but in order to concentrate on your breathing so you can relax and reap the full benefit of deep rhythmic breathing, we suggest you read through the instructions several times before you try the practice:

  1. Sit with your spine as straight as possible. Use a chair if necessary but don't slump into it. In a chair, put your feet flat on the floor with knees directly over the center of your feet. Use a cushion or something to elevate your feet if they do not rest comfortably on the floor.

  2. Rest your hands comfortably on the tops of your legs.

  3. Close your eyes gently and let them rest behind closed lids.

  4. Think about your ribs, at the front, back, and at the sides of your body. Your lungs are behind those ribs.

  5. Feel your lungs filling up, your ribs expanding out and up. Feel your lungs emptying, your ribs coming back down and in. Don't push the breath.

  6. The first few times you do this, do it for 2 to 3 minutes, then do it for up to 5 to 10 minutes. At first, set aside a time at least once a day to do this. When you learn how good it makes you feel, you'll want to do it at other times as well.

Avoid The Stress Mode Of Life With Breathing And Relaxing Exercise

Just as one stressful situation leads you into your next challenge with a heightened stress response, relaxing for a few minutes every day gradually carries over into the rest of your daily life and activities, enabling you to handle life's challenges with more control.

With Pranayama, or other forms of deep rhythmic breathing exercises, you don't need to fall into the stress mode of life. Ideally, you will perform this or other breathing and relaxing exercise to help keep the vital life force flowing, to stay calm, energized and focused in order to avoid getting stressed.

Use breath to avoid stress and relax your mind and body. Deep rhythmic breathing and relaxing exercise helps you to tune to your natural biorhythm and re-learn that natural state that your body and mind want to be in:


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